ON-LINE learning resource

Welcome to the On-Line learning resource for Sheffield Martial Arts Centre and Combined Fighting Arts.

We still believe that attending live classes is the best way to develop as a martial artist and a person. 

Just like every Martial Arts Centre in the UK and most of the world we recently had to close our doors for normal training sessions due to COVID 19. During that time, we had to find a way for our own students to continue to train, we spent several weeks researching and trialling how to offer them the very best experience for online martial arts sessions, so they could continue to train at home.

We would like to share with you what worked out best for us, we are now offering people around the globe the opportunity to train in our very own unique curriculum CFA.  

Using a combination of Zoom, as well as pre-recorded video lessons and training notes, we are able to deliver our system to you and your family without you having to set foot inside our fantastic training facility based in Sheffield UK.  

The syllabus is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and covers a wide variety of material with techniques and drills from Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Thai/Kickboxing as well as grappling arts. 

All you need is a little bit of space, a computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to workout with us in your very own living room, garage or garden.

I’m looking forward to seeing you take part in our virtual high energy sessions and by using martial arts as a platform to help you reach your full potential, as well as relieve stress, get fitter, feel better, learn some new skills and most of all, have fun.

Automatic updates.

When you purchase any of our online courses you will automatically receive any updates or new contact that we create for that particular course.


Feel free to contact us on the email below if you have any questions. 


All the best


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the CFA ON-LINE learning resource

  • 2


    • Step and Slide

    • Slide Step

    • Step, Slide Step

  • 3

    Kali single stick

    • Warm up

    • Box pattern Sunbrada

    • Box pattern breaking in and out

    • Tres Tres

    • Abecedaro Complete level 1 Doce Pares

  • 4

    Kali double stick

    • Heaven, Standard and Earth six

    • 8 Variations six count

    • 8 variations six count

    • Backhand six

    • Roof,Umbrella and Redondo six

    • Mixing the drills together

    • Villabrille 8

    • La Coste 8

  • 5

    Stick and dagger

    • Stick and Dagger 3 count

    • Stick and Dagger 7 count system

    • Stick and Dagger Tuo series 3 to 8 count

  • 6

    Zoom class

    • Class 02-05-2020

    • Class 06-05-2020

    • Class 21-05-2020

    • Class 18-11-2020

    • Class 23-11-2020

    • Class 25-11-2020

    • Class 06-01-2021

    • Class 11-01-2021

    • Class 13-01-2021

    • Class 18-01-2021

    • Class 25-01-2021

    • Class 27-01-2021

    • Class 03-02-2021

    • Class 24-02-2021

    • Class 01-02-2021

    • Class 08-03-2021

    • Class 15-03-2021

    • Class 17-03-2021

    • Class 22-03-2021