Welcome to the Combined Fighting Arts

Online Martial Arts Resources

Welcome to the On-Line learning resource for Combined Fighting Arts.

By using a combination of pre-recorded video lessons and training notes, we are able to deliver our system to you and your family, without you having to set foot inside our fantastic training facility based in Sheffield UK.

 Of course we still believe that attending live classes is the best way to develop as a martial artist, we feel that by using our On-Line resource it will be a great addition to your regular training.    

Combined Fighting Arts (CFA) is our unique martial arts system, which was designed to develop well-rounded and complete martial artists. 

Created by Chief Instructor, Mark Hayes it seamlessly blends together three complimentary art forms – ground fighting, striking and Kali/Eskrima.

Mark, has always been an enthusiastic Martial Arts student and has trained in many styles and systems since he started his Martial Arts journey in 1982.

Over the years Mark has attained Black belt levels in Karate, Kickboxing and Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima, he has also achieved Instructor levels in Jeet Kune Do, and is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Whats Inside

CFA Online contains online courses covering a variety of martial arts including JKD and Kali. 

Each course is designed to teach the essential techniques & tactics so you learn faster and develop skills quickly.

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How It Works

  • Sign up now and start learning martial arts today

  • Watch lessons online on any device at any time

  • Learn from an expert instructor with over 30 years experience

What Our Students Say

Love This

Pete Goodrum

CFA is a great place to train. I have trained in Martial Arts for 40years and I can honestly say that the knowledge and variety of training is awesome.

Mark Hayes is a top instructor who is patient and down to earth, with a wealth of useful tips under his belt.

Whether you are an established martial artist or beginner there is something for everyone to learn. There are no egos here, just friendly solid top notch training. Absolutely love this club

Highly skilled, with a wealth of knowledge

Mike Hall

Having personally trained in martial arts for over 35 years I can honestly say that Mark's ability and level of tuition is up their with the best of them.

Highly skilled and with a wealth of experience and understanding of the martial arts including JKD, Kali and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

I am pleased and privileged to be part of the CFA group and have Mark as my instructor in the combined fighting arts.

Take your martial arts to a new level

Philip Cooke

Take your martial arts to a new level ,learning new skills developed by Bruce Lee ,then why not join the combined fighting arts classes (CFA).

Classes instructed by Mark Hayes over 20 years’ experience and a top fella, also assisted by Tony Rixon and Colin McCurdy with many years martial arts experience.

Learn Kali ,JKD ,BJJ a great group of people of all ages learning cool stuff.

No egos here

Kieron Kelly

I was very nervous upon joining the classes. I didn’t come from a martial arts background and was not in the best shape physically.

All the instructors where very patient with me and all the techniques were repeatedly demonstrated and explained.

Yes, I was challenged and sometimes frustrated by my progress but hand on heart I have never been in an environment where I was made to feel so welcomed and accepted.

No egos here, just people who love what they do and go the extra mile to see you progress.